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Simon says...

I have used the services of All Road Communications for several years. Their service is outstanding. Past reps have always been there to help. If you have ever thought about having a satellite phone, there are lots of confusing choices out there. I know these are dependable folks. I have written about them in my monthly technical column in SEA Magazine.

I use a portable satellite phone on our boat every summer. To me, it beats an expensive installed phone for Boater and RV use. It can work when your “installed” system is out of service for many reasons. Leave your Boat or RV and you still have communications. It has been great from both safety and convenience perspectives. This past summer, we had several mechanical problems on our boat. Being able to reach people when out of cellular range was invaluable. In case of an emergency, when out of cell or radio contact, you cannot beat a sat phone. And it works fine, even when I am standing under the bimini top!

I also bring the phone home after the boating season. There is always a threat of a catastrophe where cell phones and local lines could become useless and your only communication could be that charged up portable satellite phone. I also bring the phone on vacations to remote areas of the world. I do not think anyone with the means should do without a portable satellite phone. And the phone and services from All Road Communications are not as expensive as you might think
- John Temple - SEA Magazine