Inmarsat BGAN Satellite Internet


As low as $2,295

We sell portable satellite internet terminals that operate on the Inmarsat BGAN network. We offer state of the art, Cobham Explorer series, the most reliable BGAN terminals on the market.The Cobham series terminals are all highly portable and lightweight, weighing as low as 3lbs. Connection speeds run as high as 492 kbps. When you buy your satellite internet terminal from us, you can choose between a series of Inmarsat Monthly Plans starting from just $49 per month.


Explorer 510


Available Inmarsat BGAN Satellite Internet

  1. Thrane & Thrane Explorer 300

    Thrane Explorer 300 operates on the Inmarsat BGAN network, offering state of the art, most reliable BGAN terminals on the market.

  2. Explorer 510 Front
    It supports your need for performance and provides simultaneous high quality voice and broadband access at speeds up to 464 kbps. connection.Smaller than a standard laptop and weighing less than 1.4 kg, this satellite terminal is easy to carry along when travelling the world.
  3. Cobham Explorer 710
    The new flagship in the EXPLORER series introduces Smart Phones to the world of BGAN, enabling users to connect their own devices for voice calling and connectivity. Other features include a USB host interface, an easy-to-use LCD display and multiple interfaces.