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Iridium Satellite Phone Monthly Plans

Iridium Monthly

Iridium Monthly Phone Plans

We pay $50 for any referral of a new Iridium monthly phone plans that include an Iridium satellite phone purchase.


All Road Communications has built and maintained strong relationships with all of the major global satellite communication suppliers. Our Iridium Satellite Phone Monthly Plans are the lowest rates in the industry guaranteed.


We are truly dedicated to providing reliable communication service to our customers. Our 13 years of experience make us the most reliable service provider for all of your satellite communication needs.

Postpaid sim card


Plan NameIncluded MinMonthly FeeIncoming Calls & SMSExtra Min  
Stay Connected Plan 0 $49.99 FREE $5.00   Add to cart
Emergency Plan 10 $55.98 FREE $1.89   Add to cart
Plan 2 20 $65.98 FREE $1.79   Add to cart
Plan 3 40 $85.98 FREE $1.59   Add to cart
Plan 4 80 $125.98 FREE $1.39   Add to cart
Plan 5 120 $165.98 FREE $1.25   Add to cart
Plan 6 180 $225.98 FREE $1.19   Add to cart
Contract Terms


Included minutes may only be used to call cell phones, landlines and other Iridium satellite phones. Calls to other satellite networks will be billed at market rates.

All Iridium monthly phone plans are a 1 year minimum contract, renewing each year thereafter. When you sign up for service you will be charged first and last month up front, your first month is prorated based on the number of days till the end of the month. You will pay a one-time $35 activation fee. All calls are billed in 1 minute increments. Early termination fee of $250 per line applies. Outgoing SMS/text message/email charged as 1 minute. Roll over option accrues unused minutes up to a two year cap. Damage insurance may only be added at the time of purchase of a new phone, not after equipment has been received. Our monthly damage insurance covers all damage excluding loss, theft or PCI Boards. Any other part of the phone that is damaged or broken is covered.