Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals


From $29.99 per Week

Iridium satellite phones work anywhere you go, period. Rent a satellite phone or satellite internet from All Road Sat and you’ll find we make this process simple. Rent your satellite phone online or over the phone. When you order your satellite phone rental online just choose your dates, add some minutes, and select your accessories. Just call us and order by phone anytime at 1-888-884-7623, we are open for satellite phone rentals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rental Kit

Satellite Phone Rental Package

  • From $4.28 per day
  • Order by phone or online
  • As low as $1.30 per minute
  • FREE Incoming Calls
  • FREE Voicemail
  • FREE Incoming SMS
  • 24/7 service & support

Available Iridium Satellite Phone Rentals

  1. Iridium 9555

    Iridium 9555


    $34.99/wk or $104.97/mth

    Dimensions: 143 mm (L) x 55 mm (W) x 30 mm (D)
    Weight: 266 g (9.4 oz)
    Op temp: -10 °C to +55 °C
    Battery Life: 30 hours standby/3.1 hours talk
    Display: User-controlled 200 character illuminated display
    Usage Control: Keypad lock and PIN lock, call timers
    Call Features: Speakerphone, voicemail, two-way sms, ringtones
    Memory: 100 entry & SIM card address book, Call history
  2. Iridium 9505A

    Iridium 9505A


    $29.99/wk or $99.99/mth

    Dimensions: 158mm L x 62mm H x 59mm D
    Volume: Under 375 cc (22.9 ci)
    Weight: Under 375 g (13.2 oz)
    Battery Life: 30 hours standby/3.6 hours talk
    Display: User-controlled 4 x 16 character illuminated display