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BGAN Satellite Coverage | Global Phone | Map- All Road
BGAN Satellite Coverage | Global Phone | Map- All Road

Iridium Satellite Phone Coverage

Iridium Mobile Satellite Coverage

Iridium is the world’s only truly global mobile satellite telephone and paging service. Featuring handheld phones weighing less than onepound, global coverage is provided by 66 low-earth-orbiting satellites, which allows users to make and receive calls virtually anywhere in the world, all you need is a clear line of site to the sky. In other words, Iridium works everywhere.

Globalstar Satellite Phone Coverage

Two-Way Voice and Duplex Data Services – Temporary Limitations

As previously announced, many Globalstar satellites are experiencing an anomaly resulting in degraded performance of the amplifiers for the S-band satellite communications antenna. The anomaly is adversely affecting two-way voice and data services. Customer service continues to be available, but at certain times at any given location it may take substantially longer to establish calls and the duration of calls may be limited. Until the new second-generation Globalstar satellite constellation is operational, Globalstar is offering its customers a web-based Call Times Tool, on its customer Internet sites, which subscribers may use to predict when one or more unaffected satellites will be overhead at any specific geographic location.

Simplex Data and Asset Tracking Services – Fully Operational

Globalstar Coverage

The Globalstar constellation is completely stable and fully operational in supporting Globalstar Simplex data satellite productsand asset tracking services. Recent monitoring tests indicate that the Simplex data network is currently operating at a successful transmission rate of greater than 99 percent. And because Globalstar’s Simplex data products are also designed to work with the second-generation satellite constellation, they are expected to provide customers with years of high quality reliable service well into the next decade and beyond.

Spare Satellites Launched and Second-Generation Satellite Schedule

In 2007 Globalstar launched eight spare satellites for its existing constellation with a view to reducing the gaps in its two-way voice and data services pending commercial availability of its second-generation satellite constellation. These eight satellites will also be integrated into the Company’s second-generation constellation which was contracted for in late 2006. Manufacturing of the second-generation satellites continues and constellation deployment is expected to begin on September or October of 2010. Globalstar will continue to operate its existing first-generation satellite constellation to provide and support services until the second-generation Globalstar satellites are available for service.

Inmarsat BGAN Coverage

Inmarsat BGAN Coverage

Inmarsat's BGAN Network covers most of the globe but there are exceptions as reflected on the map.