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Rick Davis
Rick Davis

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Rick Davis says...

I had rented the gear (BGAN, Iridium, charger, solar panel, etc) when the Salvation Army deployed me in a communications and logistics role following the earthquake. As I made the many-days journey to Haiti with the equipment (and my laptop) and then in the worst of the damaged city I was able to deploy it in many roles: As a web access point for critical communications activities with the UN and with the Salvation Army coordinating logistic movements, flight manifesting for numerous entities, even search and rescue work, as a means of matching needs, especially orphanages, with the available critical supplies of food water and medicine, as an email access unit for a lot of people. Disaster responders were especially appreciative of the ability to call or email home and let family know their status, as a way for Haitians to let family and friends know they had survived, as a tool to permit me to do my day job, and as a blogger access point. A number of real-time bloggers including myself kept information flowing all through the emergency. Everything worked great. I will rent again next time something like this sends me to some remote corner of our planet. Thanks for everything,
- Rick Davis