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As low as $2,295

We sell portable satellite internet terminals that operate on the Inmarsat BGAN network. We offer state of the art, Cobham Explorer series, the most reliable BGAN terminals on the market.The Cobham series terminals are all highly portable and lightweight, weighing as low as 3lbs. Connection speeds run as high as 492 kbps. When you buy your satellite internet terminal from us, you can choose between a series of Inmarsat Monthly Plans starting from just $49 per month.


Explorer 510


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Available BGAN Internet | All Road SAT

  1. EXPLORER 510

    $99/wk or $300/mth

    Your Inmarsat rental includes 1 Battery, Wall Charger, Waterproof Nylon Carrying Bag & Getting Started User Guide.

    • Maximum Speed Standard IP: 464 kbps
    • Interfaces: WIFI
    • Weight (incl battery): 1.4 Kg (3.1 lbs)
    • Dimensions: 216 mm x 216 mm x 45 mm (8.5” x 8.5” x1.8”)
    • Operating Temperature: -5˚ C to +55˚ C with battery -25˚ C to +60˚ C with DC supply
    • Battery Life: Transmit: Up to 3.25 hours, Receive: Up to 5.5 hours, Standby: Up to 36 hours
  2. Hughes 9202M
    Using the world’s smallest class 2 BGAN terminal, users can connect at IP broadband speeds up to 464 kbps, as well as take advantage of such features as built-in multiuser Wi-Fi access and Automatic Context Activation (ACA), including the ability to transmit SMS messages via the Integrated User Interface (IUI) without a connected laptop, PDA, or other user device. The Hughes 9202M allows the user to send and receive IP traffic via Ethernet and Wi-Fi. In parallel with the packet data service, the Hughes 9202M supports circuit switched voice and fax calls via a two-line RJ11 plug. Corporate disaster planners and remote field personnel can collaborate with confidence and efficiency with various agencies and headquarters staff using video, voice, and data simultaneously. As with all Hughes BGAN models, the Hughes 9202M is IP-based, delivering selectable, dedicated Quality of Service (QoS) levels.

3 Items

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