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Inmarsat Satellite Internet Monthly Plans

BGAN Satellite | BUY | Inmarsat- All Road SAT

We offer monthly service plans for access to the Inmarsat BGAN network with rates as low as $3.33 per MB. If you already own a BGAN terminal we will send you a SIM card with your plan. We carry the full line of Thrane & Thrane Explorer access terminals.

Plan NameActivation FeeMonthly FeeMB IncludedAdditional MB 
Plan 1 $35 $49.99 0 $12.99 Add to cart
Plan 2 $35 $99.99 10 $8.99 Add to cart
Plan 3 $35 $299.99 50 $7.99 Add to cart
Plan 4 $35 $499.99 100 $6.99 Add to cart
Plan 5 $35 $1999.99 600 $5.99 Add to cart


All usage is billed in 1MB increments. Initial service plan is for 1 year.

If you cancel early you must still pay the monthly fee for the remainder of your initial year. You will receive a usage report once a month to track your usage.